Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network

Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network

Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network:

Are you sick of worrying all the time that your animal friend will get lost?  Look nowhere else! We’ve got the best way to monitor your cherished pets by “Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network”.

 We’ll walk you through the process of setting up pet monitoring with the Helium Network in this step-by-step tutorial.

This cutting-edge technology will give you peace of mind and guarantee that your four-legged family members are always safe and sound.

Say goodbye to those anxious search teams and welcome to a world in which locating Fido only requires a tap. Let’s see how easy it is to implement this revolutionary technique!

Pet Tracking and the Helium Network

Introduction to Pet Tracking and the Helium Network If you’re like most pet owners, you want to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your beloved friend.

This is why the Helium Network is thrilled to present a brand-new pet tracking service that can assist you in carrying out your goal.

 With this service, you can always see where your pet is and receive notifications if they depart from a defined safe area.

Additionally, you can build a virtual fence around your house or neighborhood using the vast sensor network of the Helium Network so that you always know if your pet is where they should be.

 You only need a Helium hotspot and the free Pet Tracking app to get going.

We’ll walk you through setting everything up step-by-step in this tutorial.

step-by-step tutorial to guide how to setup Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network

 Let’s get going! Helium Network Equipment Needed for Pet Tracking You will want the following tools to set up pet tracking with the Helium Network:

 1.  Helium Atom, a LoRaWAN gateway, a pet collar with a Helium tracker, and a GPS antenna.

-One source of power for your gateway Internet accessibility Using the Helium Network to Configure a Pet Tracking Device The Helium Network is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a trustworthy and affordable way to monitor your pet’s location.

We’ll walk you through every step of setting up a pet monitoring device with the Helium Network so you always know where your four-legged friend is.

2. Make an account on the Helium website first, then log in. After that, select “Add Device” from the “Devices” menu. Select the “Pet Tracking” device type and input your pet’s name. Then, you must activate your device. To accomplish this, click the “Activate Device” button and input the activation code that came with your device. The “My Devices” section will contain your device once it has been activated.

3. It’s time to fasten the tracker to your pet’s collar at this point. Ensure that your pet cannot access the tracker with their teeth or paws and that it is safely attached.

 You can establish a geo-fence around your house or yard by going to the “Locations” tab. By doing this, you’ll be informed whenever your pet exits the secure area. If you want to be informed when your pet enters or exits particular locations (like a park or dog beach), you can also add several geo-fences.

I’m finished! Now that everything has been prepared, you can begin searching for your companion.

Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Networks

Advice for Locating Your Pet Tracker in the Best Place:

1. When selecting a site for your pet’s tracker, take into account their daily routine. The tracker should be put in a site where your pet spends a lot of time, like their bed or preferred relaxation zone.

 2. Keep in mind that for the tracker to function effectively, it must be in range of the Helium network. Before choosing a site for your pet’s tracker, be sure to look at coverage maps.

3. Locate the tracker in an accessible area so that you can replace the batteries quickly when they run out. We advise attaching the tracker to your pet’s collar so that it is constantly accessible.

 4. Before connecting the tracker to your pet’s collar, make sure to test it in the designated area.

This will ensure that the tracker is functioning correctly and that the location is satisfactory.

Using the Helium Network to Connect Your Pet Tracker You should now have your Helium console all set up and ready to go if you’ve already followed the instructions in the “Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting Up Pet Tracking with the Helium Network” article up to this point. The next step is to join the Helium network with your pet tracker device so that it can start sending data.

Depending on the type of device you’re employing, there are multiple methods to accomplish this.

 All you need to do is activate it in accordance with the device’s activation instructions if you’re using a specific pet tracker that is Helium-compatible (such as the Tractive GPS).

Once turned on, it will instantly establish a connection with the closest Helium gateway and start sending data. You must set up a normal GPS tracker (such as those used to track cars) so that it transmits data via an LTE-M or NB-IoT network.

 Typically, a tracker-related smartphone app can be used for this. The tracker should automatically connect to the closest Helium gateway after configuration and start transmitting data.

You may view your device’s location and other details in real-time on your Helium interface as soon as it is connected and sending data! How to Use the Helium Network to Locate Your Pet Your furry pal is a member of the family if you’re like the majority of pet owner and you want to make sure they’re always safe and secure, just like any other family member.

 The use of helium in this situation. Utilizing a straightforward tracking gadget, you can simply track your pet’s location utilizing the Helium network.


1. Create a new application after creating a free Helium account. Pick “pet tracking” as your application type when requested.

2. After that, get a Helium tracker—we suggest the Pod 3—and fasten it to your pet’s collar.

 3. After the tracker has been attached, sign into your Helium account and activate the tracker by selecting “activate.”

 4. You are now prepared to begin tracking! Every few minutes, the tracker will update automatically with your pet’s location, which you can view on a map in your Helium account.

5. If you ever need to locate your pet immediately, just press the “locate” button on your Helium account, and the tracker will make a loud noise that will make it easy for you to find your furry friend.

All there is to it is that! Pet tracking has never been simpler or more economical than with Helium.

 Why then wait? Start right away! Other Helium Network Features:

The Helium network can be utilized for a wide range of additional purposes in addition to pet tracking, such as asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and more. Because of its high scalability and adaptability, the Helium network can meet a variety of applications.

Conclusion  :

The Helium Network makes it simple and economical to set up a pet monitoring device to keep track of your four-legged companions.

After reading this whole guide in depth, you have all the necessary knowledge to get started now.

 Simply purchase the equipment, install it, and download the software to your smartphone to begin protecting your pets.

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