Breaking News : US Data Leacked -Hackers Stole Access Tokens from Okta’s Support Unit

Okta on Friday disclosed a breach of its customer support system that allowed some hackers to view files uploaded by certain clients, pushing the software company's shares down about 12%

The company said its support case management system was different from production Okta service, which was fully operational and was not impacted.

The San Francisco-based company provides identity services

All things are different such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that are used for logging in to online applications and websites, to customers including Microsoft-backed OpenAI.



Okta has claimed that the incident affected a “very small number" of customers

Okta shares ended down 11.6% at $75.57.

Hackers have been able to break into its customer support unit

These are sensitive files because in this case they include the customer’s cookies and session tokens, which intruders can then use to impersonate valid users.